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Nebhub Includes A Host Of Apps To Help You Succeed!

Year, Make, Model Look Up

Our proprietary Search By Vehicle feature allows customers to easily find the exact parts or products for their vehicle. Additional filters like Price Range, Brand, Category, enhance the customer experience and help convert that lead into a sale.

Dealer Locator & Installer Search

A brand is only as strong as their network of dealers and installers.  Light up our unique map simulator with the listings of locations, dealers or installers to help customers get products locally and know exactly where to shop for your products.

Global Product Management (CSV’s or CMS)

Data management and up keep can be a nightmare and lead to time consuming tasks.  Easily manage your website data like SKUs, product description, retail, jobber and warehouse pricing just to name a few using our easy to use CSV templates.

Installation Instructions & Video Management

Many products require installation instructions and you can easily upload your PDFs at the product level making it readily available for customers to download. Got a product video? Yep, you can upload those as well to the product landing page and into your Video Gallery.

Upsells, Wishlist & Product Comparisons

With some many options on the web to buy, customers can easily get confused and give up on a purchase.  With our product comparison feature, customers can simply choose which products to compare and make a better consumer purchase decision.

Car Gallery with Product Linking

Best way to showcase your high-quality products is through a gallery.  Galleries help customers envision the final product and show the possibilities of what they can accomplish by purchasing these items.  Product linking these images in the gallery help customers easily located the desired product for purchase.

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