10 Steps To Success

At Nebhub, our mission is to empower customers with the ability to run their business at light speed using tailored hubs made specifically for their industry.

1. Demo

One of our industry experts will demo the software according to the industry you are in.  

2. Strategy

Here we take a deep dive into your products, services and departments to determine what is the best way to manage your business with Nebhub.

3. Sitemap

Our strategist will create your sitemap for the best possible customer experience and business analyst will meet with you and your team to create the best industry workflows for your departments.

4. Design

This is where our creatives step in. Our team will work hand in hand with your marketing team to produce all the content and branding for your new website and corporate hub.

5. Development

This is where the technical magic begins. Our developers turn on your website and intranet so you can view it, however it is hidden from the public until we are ready to go live.

6. Data Migration

In this phase, our data gurus we upload all of your content into the website and your intranet apps including CRM, Marketing, Help Desk, Orders, Etc.

7. Forms

Here we create your online business forms. For example, the Contact Us form, Request A Quote form, Careers, Help Desk, Etc.

8. Testing

Before going live, our Quality Assurance team will test your website and intranet to ensure it is working properly on all devices.

9. Training

Once your website and intranet has passed our final test phase, we will then review it with your team and provide training on how to use the website, intranet and admin system.

10. Go Live

The time has come. On your mark, get set, GO! Your new website is ready to impress and capture more leads than ever before. Our team handles the final steps on making your website live!